Spring Updates and Some Very Important Shout Outs!

We are getting closer to this years tournament (yikes).  Have y’all got your registration forms in yet?  You can find forms here on the site if you need them or message us via Facebook or Google+.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing friends at Northpoint Marina in Winthrop Harbor and Tropics Restaurant and Bar without whom, we’d have no home and no food :(  Thank you guys, you rock!
Winthrop Harbour


2015 Tournament Committee Members


Bill Krawisz
Bob Perosa
Dylan Morris
Frank Falcone
Jason Teasley
Jeff Jerik
Jerry Costabile
Jim Stepp
Jimmy Welch
John Ress
Kelcey Liverpool
Kirk Morris
Leslie Streeter-Staas
Lori Maluska Staben
Marty Smith III
Mike Albano
Paul Miller
Vickie Morris